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Welcome! provides people with software tools that align with the values of the #occupy movement. All of the tools offered here are free/libre/open source: part of the global information commons, maintained by communities, not corporations.

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What is Occupy?

It's more than just peaceful assemblies. When we occupy a space, or a topic, we spotlight it. We encourage people to investigate, understand, act, and change something.

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A collaboratively authored knowledge resource you can easily edit. Use it to collect resources for your community and document best practices. Powered by MediaWiki.

Occupy Wiki

A crowdsourced history of the movement news that exists in both time and space. Use it with your phone or computer to post reports, photos and videos by adding #occupymap. Powered by Ushahidi.

A super light weight group document editing tool. Use it to take minutes, write notes, author documents, etc. Powered by Etherpad.



An easy to use website builder with templates specifically designed for actions and campaigns. Use a campaign site for to spread a message, collect emails and promote events. Powered by Wordpress.

An easy to use forum that you can embed on your own website. Use it to discuss various issues, coordinate your projects and dialog with other occupiers. Powered by Vanilla Forums.

A classifieds system with email notification and a variety of occupy specific categories. Use it to post offers and wants, recruit volunteers, and share opportunities. Powered by OSClass.

Occupy Classifieds

A public listing of all known occupation sites, built as a semantic service layer for web developers. Use it to find locations, websites and profiles of occupations around the world. Powered by Drupal.

Occupy Directory
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